signature treatments
Traditional Balinese Massage

60 mins - AED 398

90 mins - AED 469

Brilliantly combining reflexology, acupressure, and aromatherapy, the Traditional Balinese Massage is one incredible ancient healing therapy known from Bali, Indonesia that many people regards as magical and Godsend. 

hot stone Massage

90 mins - AED 549

The hot stone treatment is an advanced therapy using heated basalt stones to help boost circulation, loosen stiff muscles and melt away stress and tension. 

combination Massage

90 mins - AED 469

A combination of relaxation massages drawn from a full-range of techniques such as Thai, reflexology, head massage, and more. It soothes your muscles and invigorates your body into an overall state of bliss. 

*Valid at all Dreamworks Spa locations. Prior booking required. 

* To know our promotions, call 800-MASSAGE (6277243)

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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