Radisson Media City

Opening Hours: Mon - Sun (10 am - 10 pm)

Contact: 800 627 7243

Address: Radisson Blu Hotel, Al Falak St Off - Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai Media City, Dubai / Located on Level 2

Services Include: Balinese Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Royal Thai Massage, Jetlag Reviver Massage, Body Scrub and Facial


Intro: Massages in Radisson Media City

Offering a fusion of Asian and Western-inspired treatments, Dreamworks Spa is one of the oldest, most prestigious wellness destinations in Dubai. Boasting luxury treatments, exceptional customer service and the finest products and techniques, we can’t wait to help you relax and heal from the inside out.


Balinese Massage in Radisson Media City

Using a combination of stretching and acupressure to ease stress and tension within the muscles, the Balinese massage is famous for its calming properties that aid in deep relaxation. A full-body treatment that pampers you from head to toe, this deep-tissue massage helps relieve aching muscles while helping you relax and unwind.


Couples Massage in Radisson Media City

Indulge in a romantic experience with an intimate couples massage. Carried out in a serene, private room, our couple’s massages are carried out on separate massage tables, helping you enjoy personalised treatments while remaining in the comfort of each other’s company. A wonderful way to bond and reconnect, our couple’s massages are ideal for couples looking to create memories.


Deep Tissue Massage in Radisson Media City

Our relaxing deep-tissue massages have been formulated to relieve aches and pains felt throughout the body. Using firm, deep strokes, this soothing, full-body treatment targets the innermost layers of your muscles to heal your body from the inside out


Hot Stone Massage in Radisson Media City

Our hot stone massage uses soft basalt stones coated in luxury essential oils to relieve stress and tension within the body. Designed to heal both the body and mind, this calming treatment uses the power of heat and gentle pressure to help you relax and decompress.


Thai Massage in Radisson Media City

Designed to combat stress and anxiety, ease back pain and improve flexibility and range of motion, the Thai massage uses gentle stretching to manipulate and move the body to relieve physical and emotional tension. Carried out on a comfortable mat on the floor, this ancient healing technique will leave you feeling re-energised and renewed.

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