Palm Jumeirah

Opening Hours: Mon- Sun (10 am - 10 pm)

Contact: 800 627 7243

Address: Al Shalal Shoreline Bldg, Al Nabat 8, Dubai / Located on Level 1

Services Include: Balinese Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Couple's Massage, Combination Massage, and Facial


Intro: Massages in Palm Jumeirah

If you’re looking to relax and unwind at a premier well-being destination, look no further than Dreamworks Spa. As Dubai’s No.1 spa choice for 10 years running, our luxurious setting helps you pause and look after the person that matters most, yourself. Offering a wide selection of award-winning services, Dreamworks is here to ensure your spa experience is nothing short of magical. We can’t wait to welcome you to our calming oasis.


Balinese Massage in Palm Jumeirah

The Balinese Massage is an ancient healing practice that uses firm pressure to relieve stress and tension. Recommended for people suffering from back, shoulder and neck pain, this relaxing and transformative full-body treatment uses luxury essential oils to knead away knots and tension


Couples Massage in Palm Jumeirah

Couples massages help loved ones connect and bond in a relaxed, intimate setting. Performed side by side, each of you will get to enjoy your own personalised treatment while being in the comfort of each other’s presence. Romantic, chilled and an instant mood booster, couples massages are a great way to revitalise the energy between lovers.


Deep Tissue Massage in Palm Jumeirah

Our deep tissue massage uses firm and gentle pressure to target the innermost layers of muscles and connective tissues. Designed to reduce stress, tension and pain, this highly revered treatment reduces inflammation and discomfort caused by injuries and everyday life. Carried out in a tranquil private room, let your worries melt away while you nourish and pamper your body with this metamorphic massage.


Hot Stone Massage in Palm Jumeirah

Using soft and luxurious basalt stones, our hot stone massage is curated to alleviate aches and pains while helping you ease into a relaxed, zen state. Covered in luxury essential oils, the basalt stones are used to gently apply pressure to the body, helping release pent-up stress and tension. This massage not only helps you feel better physically but has countless mental benefits as well such as alleviating stress and anxiety while promoting better sleep and enhanced immunity.


Thai Massage in Palm Jumeirah

Thoughtfully practised for centuries, Thai massage continues to be revered around the globe for its healing properties. Taking place on a comfortable mat on the floor, the recipient of this relaxing and soothing treatment remains fully clothed while our esteemed technicians use gentle pressure and stretching techniques to soothe the body. Helping improve flexibility, range of motion and more, this popular treatment reduces back pain, revives energy and relieves joint stiffness and pain

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